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Benefits of Slack Like FB groups Slack is free for participants . By organizing it through so call channels Slack is clear and structur – in contrast to FB groups . We have creat a channel for each topic and thus organiz the questions and answers clearly. In my opinion Slack is quite intuitive to use. My conclusion on Slack What percentage of those sign up us Slack Few. About 15 of the people who sign up for the online festival. I don t know exactly why that was. I guess the hurdle of signing up on an unfamiliar platform is higher than using a well known platform like Facebook and just joining a Facebook group.

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On the whole however the participants who had us Slack seem to get along well with the tool . Many have creat a real profile with a picture and bio and also actively participat in the exchange. Mails with complaints about Slack or technical problems with Slack 0 Would I use Slack again to support the participants Absolutely From Benin Phone Number List my point of view support tools are a matter of habit . When I accompani the participants of my mastermind in Slack for the first time it was totally unfamiliar to me. But that went away relatively quickly and now it feels totally natural for me to use Slack to exchange ideas. That s why I ll be using Slack again for the next mastermind round.

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This is how marketing works without social mia Go live without social mia At the last online event we went live directly in the FB group. Here too a social mia free alternative to Facebook Lives was ne. But we didn t have to search DV Leads long here and quickly decid on the webinar version of Zoom . Depending on the package up to 500 1000 or even more people can watch the live sessions. For the participants this is just like in FB groups completely free of charge.

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