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Over Pon Automotive Walter van Boven is Director of Digital Solutions & Insights One at Pon Automotive . Pon Automotive is one of the largest companies in the Netherlands, with more than 12,000 employees and an annual turnover of more than €7.3 billion. The company uses Salesforce solutions to get a 360-degree customer view. Over Jeroen van Glabbeek and his co-partners founded in 1999 to connect companies with their customers via SMS. Today, the company has offices in more than 16 major cities worldwide and a mission to deliver the world’s best platform for mobile messaging, payments, voice, apps and security.

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In addition to using Salesforce internally, has designed its platform to integrate seamlessly with the CRM solution. Over Showpad Hendrik Isebaert is COO at Showpad , which provides a sales enablement platform for more than 1200 customers in 50 countries. Founded in 2011, the company uses Salesforce to provide Iran Phone Number List its sales and marketing teams with deep insight into their customers. Read more about the insights revealed during Salesforce Live Benelux and download our Digital Success Manual on our events page MARKETING , MARKETING AUTOMATION , SOCIAL MEDIA A brief overview of inbound sales and inbound marketing Don’t want to miss anything.

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Sign up for our online newsletter and stay informed of the latest content! Even in this internet era, the telephone is still an indispensable tool. It allows companies to contact potential customers, and more importantly, potential customers to contact them as well. We call the latter inbound sales. Customers who call you are worth DV Leads their weight in gold, this form of communication (inbound sales) offers excellent opportunities to sell more or keep customers satisfied ( nurturing ), but you can only fully use it if you understand the process behind it.

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