The first law of your business or your company

Of employed workers and self-employed workers, it is also necessary to take into account. The benefits and coverage to which each one is entitled (health coverage, vacations and days off, coverage for unemployment, etc.). The first law And the expenses they must assume to obtain these rights, expenses. That in the case of employees are assumed largely by the companies that hire them. In other words, self-employed people and small. Business owners have to work harder to obtain comparable income and assume more responsibilities, because in addition to adequately providing the professional services they hire us for, we also have to take care of the management of our businesses: commercial tasks ( search and customer relations), administrative, financial, accounting, labor and tax management , among others.

At what margin

I have just discovered the new KPMG Impulsa agency and I found it to be a complete, easy, very personalized and, above all, cheap service, what do you want me to I have also seen that company data you can try it for a month for free . The truth is that I do not understand many professionals who, in complex and stressful contexts, do not dedicate the time necessary to choose WELL the managers who will take care of their financial, accounting, tax or labor issues and problems, and also demand personalized and fast attention. , at least that’s what I’m looking for. Can I dedicate myself to entrepreneurship and selling effectively if I am worried about a thousand and one past, present and future administrative tasks and problems.

The first law get to

A workshop of assistants who were in charge of making copies of his works and thus. Being able to DV Leads make more. sales at lower prices. So, after presenting these data, allow me to make a preliminary reflection. As entrepreneurs or as independent professionals, BEFORE focusing on getting clients. Financing and income, we need to do something important: have a personalized. Online and guaranteed advisory service for SMEs and the self-employed that offers us the security and freedom. We need to to be able to dedicate ourselves to what we know how to do and it is more profitable for us to do.

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