The transporters’ strike puts merchants in check who fear a chaotic

The transport sector has called an indefinite strike starting next Monday. November 14. The Platform for the Defense of the Road Goods Transport Sector, the organizer of the strikes. Assures that it has 86% of the votes in favor of road workers. The cause is the passivity of the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda when applying the cost law. Which would prevent truck drivers from working at a loss . With this regulation, which was approved at the end of March. The shippers for which these professionals work are obliged to cover, at least, the costs of the service.

It is expected that more than 100 million shipments

This transport strike jeopardizes top industry data deliveries during one of the most important times of the year for businesses: Black Friday . Next Friday, November 25. The so-called “Black Friday” is celebrated around the world, a day in which consumers rush to stores. Abducted by the great discounts offered in many establishments. Will be made this year . And after Black Friday, Christmas shopping arrives , an equally juicy opportunity for brands. For this reason. The strikes called by transporters are presented as a threat to the commerce and distribution sector. Which fears a repeat of the situation of last March. At that time, there were already serious problems.

The textile sector accumulates inventory

On the other hand, the textile giants DV Leads present stock levels that are 41% higher than those of 2021 at this time. According to the newspaper Expansión based on its own survey carried out on 12 large companies in the sector located on different continents. This figure reflects an excess of 11,685 million extra euros in its warehouses compared to last year. In this way, the retail industry faces the most relevant time of the year in terms of sales loaded with stock. So it must put all its efforts into making attractive discounts (and hope that the transporters’ strike does not last longer. Until that date). With the transportation of raw materials and products in much of Europe. Which put many companies in check.

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