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Gordon Right right right. And that s also the next point when we come to the why You have to trust authorities that s also something we were taught to do. Vladislav That s right. I mean we are brought up from childhood to respect authority. That we re always nice to the police to the doctor. Can you think of another authority Gordon You can t interrupt adults when they re talking for example. Vladislav Yes very good example yes. Gordon But these are things that are given to us with mother s milk.

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And yes which as you said we are taught. Vladislav They stick yes. Gordon And I mean let s not kid ourselves if you look at it evolutionarily it s also vital for survival to orient yourself towards those who are in charge or who have France Business Email List authoritarian behavior. That was somehow important in the struggle for survival with the saber tooth tiger. It s not that important anymore but I think it s part of our human nature we can t put it down. Vladislav I think so too there are also studies about it it s a click mechanism. For example you see a white coat and you think it s a scientist.

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In Milgram s example I don t think it was even a scientist it was just an actor they were both actors. Gordon Yes exactly I think so. Vladislav So it wasn t even a scientist he had absolutely no idea. And yet you automatically think it s DV Leads an authority. Gordon I also have a small example that comes to my mind quite spontaneously. I us to work as a therapist in a neurology clinic always with the patients who were slowly coming out of their coma. It can happen when you re in a coma and only very slowly becoming aware of more and more of your surroundings that you – how should I put it – react more impulsively.

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