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Salesforce offers many different forms of help that few employees know about. For example, it is possible that you can get a second opinion from Salesforce about a health-relat concern, a reimbursement for prescription glasses or an allowance for personal training in order to feel better about yourself. By properly mapping this out and communicating it to all employees, every colleague is increasingly aware of this.” What we have learn in the past year “There are so many moments that stay with you in such an eventful year. We have drawn 3 learnings from this that we believe are really essential when it comes to mental health.” 1. Expressing emotions is essential.

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Being able to express your emotions is really essential. If colleagues do not feel free enough to share their feelings of stress, loneliness and insecurity, we get a false picture of the true status. It is important that this is not only done by employees, but also by management. Because of the exemplary role, you notice that employees are also Estonia WhatsApp Number List more inclin to express themselves about their mental health. The more human and approachable the management is, the less perfect you think you have to be.” 2. Human connection is super important “What we also notic: the human connection is really super important. Many employees experience feelings of loneliness, so we motivat managers to organize social (virtual) events.

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In addition, we offer apps to connect colleagues with each other with walking challenges, cycling events or coffee calls.” 3. A good work/life balance is key “A burnout or other mental complaints can be found in a small corner and are DV Leads often caus by a combination of work and private life. It is therefore vital that you speak up and dare to indicate your limits. Stick to your own agenda. If you want to log in or out at a certain time, your tasks have to wait until the next day or be taken care of by teammates.

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