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Necessary, you can add more meetings at the end of the quarter to make sure the deals are on track. If that’s the priority, don’t schule them at the same time as one-on-one calls. Give your sales reps time to focus on what they do best: selling. Next steps Pipeline discussions are the engine of motivat sales teams that want to reach their goal. They provide sales reps with the tools and insights they ne to close deals and help managers make accurate forecasts. For a successful discussion, make sure you stay on topic and get action points out of it. As our own Vice President of Product Marketing Brian Bachofner advises, “Identify the key activities that drive deals to close.

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This improves pipeline, forecast accuracy, and the likelihood of meeting – or even exceing – quotas.”What does a principal solution engineer do? IN CAREERS , SALES , IT What does a principal solution engineer do? Don’t want Nigeria WhatsApp Number List to miss anything? Sign up for our online newsletter and stay inform of the latest content! No (working) day is the same. The same goes for Salesforce. In this blog series we offer you a look behind the scenes. You get to know the different disciplines and colleagues from the most diverse positions. In the second episode Matthieu Kuijpers, Principal Solution Engineer, talks about his day.

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A Day In The Life by Matthieu Kuijpers After working at a startup for 10 years, I was ready for a new challenge. A colleague had already made the switch to Salesforce and piqu my interest. I always thought Salesforce was a great platform, but the size of the company made me afraid of becoming a number. Nothing turn out to be DV Leads less true. Six years later, I still feel incribly valu at Salesforce and have a great time. My average working day looks different than most colleagues, but I’d love to take you along! Start the morning with movement I’m not a morning person.

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