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That s what I was about to say it s a good transition laughs . Gordon Today it s all about authority. Today dear listener we re not wrapping you in cotton wool on the contrary today we re tackling an extremely controversial topic and that s why a blog business doesn t work without authority and then is kind of like NSYNC without Justin Timberlake. Vladislav It wouldn t work without Justin Timberlake. Gordon No that s just not possible that s just not possible exactly. Vladislav Have you ever been a NSYNC fan Gordon What does fan mean No no honestly not.

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I also had trouble taking Justin Timberlake seriously as an actor. But I ve manag to do that in the meantime I think the man is good now. And as a result because I like him as an actor I now also respect him as a singer. Vladislav Estonia Business Email List Ok cool. Gordon I respect Justin Timberlake s acting skills and that makes him an authority as a singer too laughs . How did we come up with the topic of “authority” in the first place Vladislav I think in the last episode we talk about selling. And somehow it was relat to that. Do you remember exactly how that was I really have a memory like a sieve Gordon I believe that you can and should sell something and that it is more successful if you are perceiv as an authority in your field.

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I think that s how it was. Vladislav Exactly in principle you cannot sell anything successfully if you are not an authority with your blog. Gordon And I think that s what inspir us to do our own episode on the subject of authority and DV Leads why as a smart blogger you ne it. If you grew up like me as a cop s stepson then you have something against authority laughs . At least that s how it is for me. Vladislav I find that very exciting for me authority is something positive. Gordon But every Jeck is different as they say here in the Rhineland.

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