Number of Visitors who Make Purchases

If visitors don’t last long on your website, then the possibility of conversion or purchase of products and services will decrease.

The metric or measurement data is called the bounce rate. The time a user spends on one website page can be an illustration of how the user behaves.

In order for an online business to progress and develop, a large number of visitors and the right visitors are needed.

Because it would be useless if the number of visitors is large without being accompanied by increased sales.

The metric used to determine the effectiveness of the number of visitors and sales is called conversions.

The conversion rate can show how effective your online business or website is at marketing your product.

With data it helps you to be able to determine the next marketing strategy that will be carried out.

Cost of Bringing in Visitors

Not all websites use free techniques to bring visitors and others use paid techniques such as advertising or affiliates.

There are two important data in the Cayman Islands Email List cost of bringing in visitors, namely the cost of acquiring customers (CAC) and the cost per acquisition (CPA).

CAC is a measure of the costs spent by a business or company to acquire new customers. 

CPA, on the other hand, is a metric for measuring the cost of a customer completing certain actions such as clicking buttons, filling out forms, making purchases and so on.

By knowing the costs required, you can change the advertising strategy that you are doing. Of course, this can help you save on promotional costs.

How is Website Traffic Recorded?

When someone visits a website, the device will be connected to the website server. When that happens the website server sends a file to the user’s browser and will display text and images.

And this will be counted as one click and counted as website traffic. This does not only occur on the home page but all pages on the website.

That way the server can determine exactly how many clicks each page received.

Why is Website Traffic Important?

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The purpose of creating a website and DV Leads online marketing is to expand and increase sales. 

Therefore, the website that you have must have visitors to turn them into consumers. And to achieve this requires a lot of quality visitors.

Below we will discuss why website traffic is so important for your business, including:


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