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Whos viewed your  Sales team between and people. If you are working in an Enterprise with much more sales reps, you might be interest but Sales Navigator Advanc Plus. How To Use Sales Navigator Advanc Plus? Sales Navigator Advanc Plus doesn’t have a public pricing. You must go through Linkin Sales Team to get. It offers everything includ in Advanc plus: Teamlink Extend CRM Synchronization Real Time Contact Update . Eamlink Extend Teamlink Extend which allow you to see if your prospects are connect to anyone in your company (not just your sales teammates.

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Teamlink connections dramatically increases the seo expate bd number of warm introduction your Sales team can get from people working in their company. . CRM Synchronization If you use a CRM like Salesforce, HubSpot or Piprive, you can sync your CRM with Sales Navigator. crm sync advanc plus For example, you can exclude from your Sales Navigator searches leads already present in your CRM. . Real Time Contact Update Sales Navigator Advanc Plus is super helpfull to keep your contacts updat. People don’t stay in the same company for years anymore.

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CRM must stay up to date with job changes. sales DV Leads navigator advanc plus update crm Linkin Sales Navigator Advanc Plus allow you to be notifi every time people in your CRM change jobs or companies. How To Use Sales Navigator For Recruiting? Sales Navigator has been built to optimize sales process, but you can also use it for recruiting. Inde, the search filters you use to look for leads can also be us to find candidates. Linkin Recruiter and Linkin Sales Navigator give you access to the same data.The only thing that changes is the interface. You don’t have all the filters available in Linkin Recruiter, but it’s you can also use it to find people open to work. Export Sales Navigator leads for free.

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