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For me it was “fomo” in this example. Create a table of contents in a blog article in Squarespace Now the readers should end up at exactly this point if they click on this point in the table of contents. Step 3 Repeat Now repeat this sequence for all lines in the table of contents. Yes depending on the length of the blog article that is quite a bit of hard work. Optional step smooth scrolling To make the whole thing look nice you can optionally work with CSS and ensure smooth scrolling. With this the readers do not jump when they click on the link or button but instead scroll more or less gently to the appropriate place. Interest.

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Then go to Design Custom CSS and add the following line html scroll behavior smooth Click on Save and you have activat scrolling instead of jumping And this is how it all looks like Important Test the link Especially with an Cayman Islands Phone Number List extensive table of contents the error devil creeps in again and again. Therefore finally test the link to make sure that the anchor links actually lead to the right places. Incidentally this only works reliably if the page is publish. FAQs – Frequently ask questions about anchor links in Squarespace What is the name of Anchor Link An anchor link comes from engl. anchor link and is also call page jump or jump mark.

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Or also internal link . Do I really ne a table of contents for my blog articles no Of course you can also publish a blog article without a table of contents. And even blog articles without a table of contents can rank high. However it has been DV Leads my experience that a table of contents always pushes a blog article up a few spots in the ranking . And for your readers too a table of contents is a form of service because it provides a quick overview of the blog article content provides initial orientation in a possibly long text and the ability to get to a specific location quickly.

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