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How can I better understand what other people ne from me Remember that out of a hundr people who read your mail only three people are willing to work with you. That doesn t sound like much but it s completely normal. You are normal. I send out newsletters make people an offer without manipulating them into action. To me that is mindfulness. 4 I have empathy for myself as a writer I don t just see the people who get my newsletter. I also keep an eye on myself my feelings and nes . If my newsletter results in a nice e mail chat – great. If I am ask for an interview great.

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If someone wants to work with – sensational. If none of this happens – also okay. And if thoughts like No one ever answers or Why doesn t that work come up I perceive them and accept them. Despite these thoughts I remain nice Azerbaijan Phone Number List and friendly to myself. I don t bother to annoy other people with my message. For me that is mindfulness. 5 I acknowlge the responsibility of the recipients For me mindfulness is not a one way street. It doesn t just mean that as a writer I deal with my intention and my message.

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For me mindfulness in e mail marketing also means that I let the recipient take their share of the responsibility . It is your responsibility to only receive emails that are good for you and that you want to read. I can t take this inbox DV Leads care off anyone s shoulders. With that in mind I have no grudge against the people who unsubscribe from my newsletter. Because I know that in this moment you are taking care of yourself and being careful with your resources. I send newsletters and let the recipients take their share of the responsibility. To me that is mindfulness.

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