So, in addition to being well positioned on search engines, users should enter your site and find what they want. well written texts Be objective with the text and watch out for grammatical errors. These are points for your texts to be considered well done. After all, many errors in the texts of your website can generate little credibility, as if it were not something serious. And thus makes the visitor not access again. Speed Loading speed also makes a difference. After all, a site that does not load or that takes a long time to load causes a negative experience and makes the customer look for others to try to find what he wants. Design In addition to the points of use mentioned above, your website must also have a pleasant layout, with an attractive look. For this, choose fonts within context and with adequate sizes.

How to improve the quality of your website After creating the site, it’s time to think about increasing the number of visitors to your page and gaining consumers for your product or service. However, you need to stimulate your website traffic and below we will list some tips. Think your site mobile The use of mobile devices is key in the context of e-commerce and digital content in general. Therefore, sites that do not have a version adapted for mobile devices tend to lose positions in search results and, in some cases, no longer appear in the results. It is proven that sites that have a version for mobile devices are better ranked and show growth — they are called Mobile-Friendly. A website made with the proposal for access on tablets and smartphones requires visual cleanliness and the content must strive for simplicity and ease of reading, as these requirements are ways to optimize your website for mobile devices.

Invest in YMYL pages Google has a “high Page Quality benchmark” to measure you against. We’re talking about Your Money/Your Life – YMYL (Your Money/Your Life) for pages about happiness, health or financial stability that impact users’ lives. There are many content that fall under the YMYL category and need to offer high quality content. Examples: e-commerce sites, nutritionist and physical center sites, financial institutions and insurance companies, and Medical and Therapeutic Organizations. Create an “About” page Google wants the information on these pages to be produced by professionals who know what they are talking about. Whether or not you’re a veteran, chances are your ‘About’ page is the second most visited page on your site. This strategy benefits your site’s SEO and builds an emotional connection with your visitors.

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