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We can target specific customer queries , aqua aerobics. Unfortunately, the matter is not as simple as simply entering this phrase into. The system and letting it work. Google Ads allows you to enter phrases in appropriate matches. And some of them can trigger our ads even for very loosely associat queries. If we use the keyword aqua aerobics in the campaign, it will be a broad match phrase, which means that “ads may appear on synonyms, similar searches, misspell terms and other relevant variations.” Such a situation may cause our aqua aerobics ad to be display to a user looking for a pilates class.

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It is difficult to prict what the algorithm will consider a “similar search” in such a keyword match. Lack of control over the queries that display our database ads can lead to increas spend through irrelevant clicks and a decrease in CTR ad click-through rate, which is part of the keyword’s Quality Score. An additional issue, usually accompanying incorrect matches, is the incorrect or complete lack of separation of keywords into thematic ad groups, which usually results in one ad group with several dozen keywords that are completely different “tool kit” and “waterproof paints.


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This prevents the creation of relevant ad content, which in turn will result in a lower Quality Score.. No keyword exclusions this problem in part two. It is worth DV Leads mentioning that it occurs not only when very broad keyword matches are us. about keyword match types usually also don’t know that it’s important to review search terms reports , that trigger our ads. As I have already mention – almost any type of keyword match, apart from the exact one.

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