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Base on it, you can with high probability accurately recommend something to newlywes, young parents, retirees, etc. Do you want to implement effective contextual marketing? Check which strategy we recommend for you! Enter your e-mail, we will contact you Recommendations base on shopping preferences allow you to suggest similar or complementary products to what is or was once in the basket we have already written about how a complementary product increases the value of the basket.

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Finally, contextual marketing can be base on the time that has elapse, since the last purchase, from what times the purchases are made, etc. We recommend Contextual marketing, a force that cannot be stoppe Advantages and disadvantages of contextual marketing Often, when we talk about the advantages of marketing, they are one-side – seen phone number list mainly from the point of view of the marketer who plans the campaign. Customers don’t like seeing ads. It is completely different with contextual marketing, which is its greatest strength. As long as it is made wisely, it can be a real help in the everyday life of a person who has no time to think about next purchases.

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If someone repeats their purchases on a regular basis, they will be happy when they find out in time about the promotion for what they nee anyway. This significantly increases the customer lifetime value . Sometimes a one-time customer starts DV Leads to return regularly thanks to e-mail marketing or text messages with reminders. It’s easier for him than if he had to look for a new place to shop every time. Contextual marketing actually has only advantages – if it is properly directe and planne. Poorly matche ads and recommendations can irritate and even discourage the customer from the store. You can’t save on it either. Algorithms are getting more and more sophisticate.

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