Childrens novels teaching

Childrens novels teaching  It is an increasingly necessary skill to decode the world around us, to be able to dialogue more effectively and above all to create a society that knows how to develop ethically and above all in truth. “ Today’s young people delude themselves into thinking that they are thinking. Language and communication give them the illusion of reasoning. But the archaic, malignant brain is also very cunning and masks its action behind language, mimicking that of the cognitive brain. We should explain it to him.

Rita Levi Montalcini

Neurologist and Nobel Prize winner for micine seo expate bd in SHARES About the author Mariano. Diotto Brand strategist, neuromarketing and neurobranding. Expert and founder of a master’s degree in Web Marketing & digital communication from the IUSVE university . Always present in the social world, I have cultivat a passion for communication by working on the radio as a speaker. Writing children’s novels, teaching at university, as a brand strategist for companies and agencie. Holding numerous conferences on the world of communication, advertising and web. PREVNEXT Leave a comment Comment. First name* E-mail* Website Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

We ne the liberal

Arts now more than ever: even in marketing DV Leads and advertising October , In Digital & Social In a world where everyone is right, where numbers are relative, where arguments are bas on exclusively personal semantics, it is good to return to the study of the liberal arts: grammar, rhetoric, dialectics, arithmetic, geometry, astronomy and music During the Middle Ages, the liberal arts were the expression us to mean the curriculum of studies follow by clerics before entering university studies . The liberal arts were those activities where purely intellectual activity was necessary , compar to the mechanical arts.

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