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One day she walk away in frustration.” A helpful pipeline discussion can provide. Sales reps with ways to move toward closing a deal, but they often miss the mark. There are myriad reasons for this: bad sales data, misalign goals, lack of preparation, miscommunication, poor management skills, etc. However, without productive pipeline discussions, accurate business forecasts are difficult and therefore it is essential that they go well. State of Sales, 4th ition What is a Pipeline Discussion? A pipeline meeting is a weekly or bi-weekly meeting between a sales rep and his or her manager to discuss the status of open deals.

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These meetings focus entirely on obstacles that prevent closing deals and steps the sales rep or manager can take to remove those obstacles. Responsibility for a successful meeting rests with the top sales managers and CROs. These senior executives must provide structure and rhythm to the pipeline discussion so that sales reps and managers have everything they ne to succe. Fortunately, this is not that difficult. Over the years Latvia WhatsApp Number List I have learn several simple methods to make pipeline discussions efficient and useful. Sales managers, take note: 1. Eliminate pipeline discussions with the entire team Group discussions are almost always a waste of time. Some managers may think it’s the ideal way to coach: you discuss an employee’s stall deal and use that as an example or lesson for the rest of the team. But the reality is that employees are not paying attention.

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Limit pipeline discussions to the individual sales rep and manager. Then you can be sure that both are focusing on the deals that matter. There is one exception: if several employees are involv in a sale, it makes sense if all these DV Leads employees put their heads together to come up with a strategy and solutions. 2. Simplify pipeline management with automation Contaminat data is disastrous for the sales process. Busy sales reps often forget to update data on their company’s customer relationship management ( CRM) platform or only partially enter data.

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