Digital Marketer: Definition, Duties & Roles in Business

This is able to build a level of trust in customers for your business products. With the trust of customers, you are also able to increase the number of sales significantly. According to one expert, Mayer et all. (1995), there are 3 indicator points of consumer confidence, including:

This first point refers to the ability and characteristics of the seller to influence consumers specifically.

This second point is based on the seller’s willingness to Azerbaijan Mobile Number List provide satisfaction to consumers. Concern for consumers is the determinant of the kindness given to consumers.

This third point relates to how the behavior or a habit of ability in running the business. Integrity can improve your business and also build a good image for your business.

Characteristics of Consumer Trust


Customers will be sure of the product purchased because they have a fairly broad understanding and are able to convince themselves. In this case, trust in consumers has the following characteristics:

  1. Knowledge of Product Brands
  2. Personal and Community Views
  3. The Truth about Brand Existence
  4. Brand Strength and Excellence
  5. Personal experience

The five characteristics above are related to consumer trust forming product and brand images. The advantage of having the trust that you get from business people can be the main key in marketing.

It is a fact that you as a businessman are able to maintain a level of customer trust which is able to influence other potential customers to be interested in your product.


The Benefits of Having Consumer Trust in Doing Business

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There has been a little explanation above regarding what benefits you get from consumer trust in the business that you run. For more, you can see the explanation below:

  • Customers who already have DV Leads greater prospects are able to provide benefits for the business
  • The cost you spend in maintaining and maintaining existing customers is much smaller than finding new customers
  • Customers who already have trust in your business tend to trust your other business matters
  • Able to create a good business image
  • Able to bring new customers

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