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Not because they have nothing to say but because they are afraid of not complying with these recommendations. I m always terribly sorry for that and it s not necessary at all. And for the following reasons 1 Don t compare apples to oranges My observation is that such recommendations very often come from women entrepreneurs who are more advanc and have a large team around them. And then it s clear When I have someone who fes my articles and messes around with WordPress creates social mia posts and even writes the appropriate newsletters it suddenly becomes much easier to blog weekly or send out weekly newsletters.

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As a sole trader in without team with children with parents you care for or a day job that you still do in order to finance your self employment but that s a lot more difficult. Not to say often only possible if you work so much that you are dangerously close to burnout. That s why I would be critical of such recommendations and Lithuania Phone Number List ask myself Who actually advises me to do that Is this person more privileg than me Or further more experienc Don t compare your beginning with someone else s middle is very wise advice from my point of view. 2 There is no guarantee Just because you send out a newsletter every week doesn t mean you ll be financially successful.

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My observation here is that correlations and causalities are often not clearly separat. For example The more ice cream is sol in the ice cream parlors the more sunburns there are. But that doesn t mean that sunburns occur because DV Leads ice cream is sold but because it s SUMMER outside. From my point of view it is similar with the frequency of the newsletter. Anyone who thinks “Once I write a weekly newsletter I will quickly become successful” is often disappoint. Because the number is not decisive but whether we manage to accompany people on their customer journey.

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