From inbound strategy to account based marketing

What is account – based marketing ? It is a marketing technique aimed at intercepting (and then communicating with) a specific target , identifying the tone of voice, the topics and levers of interest towards the target interlocutor and subsequently informing him about a specific service or product, indicating the aspects , the specifics, the useful information that are really of interest to you. Information that really touches a sore point, a solution or support to a problem: a perceived or real problem experienced as such in the company day by day.

Account based marketing, or ABM

starts from the assumption that a good strategy, even in the B2B sector, does not address the target, the companies, as “abstract” entities, but considers the single individuals who Croatia Phone Number List work there as potential customers ( prospects) of value. In simple words, consider first of all how to address people in the flesh , with interests, needs, problems to solve, solutions to find, both in B2C and in B2B.

To place it in a more easily recognizable context, we can consider ABM as an evolution of inbound marketing, which arises from the need, perceived in recent years, to increasingly connect marketing strategy and business strategy.

How is account based marketing done

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With the awareness that the lack of alignment between the commercial and marketing DV Leads  departments is a strategic mistake not to be made, which can cause many problems in the growth, organization and evolution of a company.

Account based marketing was born just like that, as a response to a problem. The solution?

Account-based marketing has a very clear objective:not to extend the message to as many prospects as possible, on the contrary to identify a limited number of potential customers with specific roles within the companies of interest, concentrating all marketing and sales in buildin

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