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Yes ! Some sales automation tools claim to obtain 3.5 times more leads on average than if you had carried out your prospecting by hand.Is it complicat to automate your prospecting? It depends on the automated prospecting tool you are using. Some tools are more complex than others, but are broader in terms of functionality. Others, on the contrary, are made to be pick up quickly and only use a few sequences that are already known for their performance.

How much does automated prospecting software cost

The answer is highly variable. It greatly Denmark Phone Number List depends on the tool you choose. Be aware, however, that some software offers flexible formulas that allow you to choose only what interests you in the solution, and therefore reduce the cost of your investment. On the other hand, keep in mind that most of these tools work by subscription system.

Conclusion on the interest of automated prospecting

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In conclusion, automated prospecting is a great way to generate qualified leads and improve your conversion rate.

It also saves time and optimizes your DV Leads sales cycle. A sales automation strategy also confers 4 major advantages: cost, productivity, better targeting and scalability.

To set up effective automated prospecting, it is important to clearly define your objectives, choose the right tools and regularly monitor the results. Generally, the process is done in 5 steps to be followed chronologically:

Finally, there are many sales automation tools for which you will need to observe the pricing, the functionalities and other criteria such as UX and customer support to enable you to make the right choice and propel your prospecting to the next level. superior !

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