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Learn how a focus on the employee experience, support for sales teams, and a modern, secure API infrastructure help PayPal succe during the pandemic. In the Netherlands you can organize our State of Service report in Tableau by country and industry and consult the data interactively. Personnel policy changes with the organizational structure to meet the requirements of remote services Customer service managers see how work is changing. They therefore try to implement a personnel policy that fits within the budget, offers employees sufficient opportunities and meets the set business goals. Hiring full-time employees is still the common method of increasing staffing, but 51 of organizations also employ part-time workers and 43 use temporary workers to handle peak demand. Interestingly, 23 of organizations use shar functions as a strategy to meet demand.

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In the Netherlands, 62 of customer service teams have had colleagues from other departments assist them. 85 of Dutch decision-makers in this industry say they invest “heavily” in the training of service employees. They also don’t seem inclin to go back to the usual, centraliz way of doing things; 80 say field service is an essential part Sri-Lanka Phone Number List of their overall strategy. For 78, the field service generates considerably more turnover. These investments in training and maintaining the ability to work from home instill confidence in employees about their career opportunities and customer loyalty . Nearly two-thirds (65) of service employees in the Netherlands told us that they have a clear view of their career opportunities.

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The future looks bright, at least for customer service and managers willing to invest in their employees’ experienceBY SALOMÉ POUW Ethical AI Can’t Wait: Four ways to improve AI equivalence IN ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE , BEST PRACTICES , CRM , IT Ethical AI Can’t Wait: Four ways to improve AI equivalence DV Leads Don’t want to miss anything? Sign up for our online newsletter and stay inform of the latest content! At this time, important challenges and opportunities converge. In recent times, people’s behavior and nes have chang radically.

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