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This can make it much easier for website visitors to navigate on a page . Anchor links are pretty handy in the following scenarios Why do you even ne anchor links on a website Scenario 1 Jumping to a Section on the Page “Jump Marker” Imagine you have a loooong page. And instead of having your readers endlessly scroll through your content you can use anchor links to let them jump to a specific important section on the page. Anchor links in buttons on Salespage Take the sales page for my Social Mia Free mini course for example.

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On the sales page I have already includ a button in the header “Above the fold” . But instead of linking the Digistore sales form right here I would like the website visitors to receive information about the price. So I create an anchor link. If the website visitors click on the Yes I want to button they jump directly to the bottom Cambodia Phone Number List section of the sales page with the price and the information that Digistore24 will be us for billing. And this is what it looks like Or look at the anchor link directly on the page Jump to top of page I personally don t use this option but if you want you can let readers jump back to the top of a page at the bottom of a page with an anchor link.

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Scenario Create a table of contents with anchor links I love table of contents in blog articles Not that I find her particularly pretty no. But they are extremely effective when it comes to SEO If I add a table of contents to a blog article DV Leads it ranks significantly higher after just a few days . And also from the reader s point of view I like having orientation while reading and being able to jump directly to interesting sections if necessary . While WordPress users can use a plugin for this we at Squarespace have to make do with anchor links.

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