How to make account-based marketing work better

The marketing funnel aimed at the Account Based Marketing process does not in fact aim to attract leads to a landing page towards a fast conversion process, but rather aims to attract a small and specific number of contacts with whom to start a personalization and engagement process aimed at creating of a relationship that is not fast and immediate, but deep and stable.And for that, it is better to learn the lessons of 2022, a year rich in learning of all kinds. So my first advice is to review what worked well or less well last year, in all areas of your business to draw up a list with the do’s and don’ts. Remember to justify each item on this list.

Take advantage of continuous

Indeed, it is not because an action failed in 2022 that it will be the same in 2023. This is why it is essential to identify the why and how. Before embarking concretely on the action plan, validate this “baby project” or idea, with the SMART Costa Rica Phone Number List method invented by Peter Ducker. Is your project: Specific : targeting a specific improvement/development? Measurable : through progress and performance indicators? Assignable : with at least one person who can lead the project? Maybe yourself? Realistic : in line with your resources.

Temporalized : with an achievement agenda identified as clear

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Thus, you get a solid framework, adapted to the uncertainty which will surely still persist in 2023. But if there’s something that’s not moving, those are your targets.

If you read me regularly, you know how important SEO can be for your business. Indeed, it allows you to acquire  DV Leads  new customers, create value and increase your sales… Gaining a few places on the first page of Google can result in an increase in your turnover or notoriety…

This, without paying a cent from the “Digital Marketing” department. If you’re already in the process of creating content that appeals to both Google and your readers, you know that each new article adds to everything you’ve created so farI imagine that’s a big part of your current strategy. It is necessary, but not sufficient.


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