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How to verify an Instagram account? That is precisely the topic we are going to discuss today in this guide. In addition. I will show you the reasons why some accounts have it and others do not, as well as the requirements that you must meet . Given that the majority of profiles that have this blue check are celebrities, public figures or recognized brands. But first, let’s see: What does it mean to have the blue verified account badge? The blue badge or account verification symbol is the way to confirm the authenticity of a profile on this social network.

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This validation allows us not to be email leads confused with other false or fake profiles. Which may be using the same name as us on Instagram. In addition. It gives you the possibility of having extra functions, such as putting links in Stories without having to reach 10 thousand followers. But, to know if you can be among the people of interest that the social network considers influential or deserving of having this badge, you must contact the social network through a form. I don’t want to mislead you, it’s very likely that you won’t get this badge.

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But, despite this, by trying it doesn’t DV Leads work. So, let’s follow the steps in this tutorial and send your verification request… and we’ll see what happens. What do I need for Instagram to verify my account? To know if you can also request this authentication. You should know that a series of requirements are taken into account by this platform: » You must be relevant This is one of the keys to achieving verification, your account has to represent a brand. Person or entity that is well-known and at the same time highly.

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