Make Ad Extension Settings Ads Extensions

Apart from setting how the ad content is, in this 7th step you are also required to set ad extensions.

In short, ad extensions or Ad Extensions are extensions of Google Ads ads that you create with the aim of attracting and baiting your audience to click on your ads.

At least, there are 4 types of extensions, namely Sitelink Extensions , Callout Extensions , Call Extensions , and Image Extensions .

Next, you can set how much budget or daily budget will be spent on running ads. You can calculate how much the monthly cost of advertising is by multiplying it by the number of days the ad runs.

Your Ad is Ready to Serve!

In this last step, you can review the ad settings that you have made. If something goes wrong, you can fix it right away. You can click the publish button when you have finished reviewing your Google Ads advertising campaign.

After you click the publish button , it will take at least 1 day for Google to review whether your ad is eligible to be published or not. For details regarding the terms & conditions of advertising on Google, you can visit the official page directly: Google Ads Policies.

Advertising on Google Ads is one way

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To get traffic for your sales website. Google’s market is very broad, reaching 97% of all internet users in Indonesia.

So how? Interested in advertising on DV Leads Google Ads? Hopefully this article on how to advertise on Google can help you run your first campaign.

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