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How technology facilitates the exchange of knowlge and data Your service professionals know how important it is to have the necessary background information when communicating with a customer. That is why they must be able to access the notes that other departments have made during previous interactions. While 78% of service reps say they have all the tools and technology they ne (up from 69% in 2018), unlocking all customer data is still challenging. In the Netherlands, 80% of service employees believe that a positive customer experience stands or falls with the fact that they can access all the necessary data when working remotely.

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Our research, on the other hand, shows that only 43% of frontline workers, dispatchers and other service employees can find all the information they ne for their work in one screen. Most have to collect them from several screens. This lack of a holistic view of the customer has serious consequences for a company. The service Ukraine Phone Number List professionals who perform the least often appear to operate completely separate from marketing, e-commerce and sales. Such integration requires coherent technology In addition, the service employees must receive the same training as their colleagues, so that they can make the most of that technology. Globally, 83% of service professionals say they can handle customer inquiries more effectively if they have the right training.

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In the Netherlands you can organize our State of Service report in Tableau by country and industry and consult the data interactively. Good experiences at all touchpoints help determine the overall customer experience. You can improve it by working on the following three points. 1. Improving workflows and platforms Service professionals DV Leads feel that their work processes are not efficient enough to provide their customers with the service they rely on. Customers expect that a conversation with one service representative is enough to solve their problem. However, service professionals often ne to direct customers to another department or put them on hold while they look for the information they ne.

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