How to Monitor Your Website Activity?

How to monitor your website activity? Company sites indispensable free tools to analyze your online activity. Do you have a website and want to check traffic, site visits. The most follow pages by users or collect valuable information on your niche, but no one has told you how to do it? Do you know google analytics or google search console ? They are two free tools from google with which to monitor the activity of your website! Google analytics and search console are, in fact, two key web marketing tools. Widely us by all marketers, because they thoroughly analyze. Websites and provide very important information in real time on their .

What is Google Analytics and what is it for?


Performance and state of health. They don’t have to be install, but you just ne a gmail account to access the two platforms! I’m sure that, when you discover its usefulness, you will no longer be able to do without it! What is google analytics and what is it for? Google analytics, as I mention, is the free platform that . Google makes new data available for monitoring and analyzing the data of a.  Website and from which users can also latest databasec download customiz files. Containing the data organiz into graphs and tables. It is possible to.  Extract and analyze from the platform all the information that gives.  A picture of what is happening on your website at that precise moment or in a specific 

Analytics data to improve online activity

Period of time, which you can set according to your nes. All this will help you understand if you are working well and if your marketing strategy is bearing fruit. What data to monitor with analytics . What data can you analyze DV Leads and extract from google analytics. I’ll give you some practical examples, to help you understand . The type of information you can receive, but keep in mind that the amount of data is much larger. You will discover: from which part of italy or the world do your site visitors come the times. When they are most active what visitors do when they are on the site what pages do they prefer? What content they are most interest in how much

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