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B2B marketing automation B2B marketing automation is the foundation of marketing automation software. That’s because B2B prospects and customers are a focus target market, which typically: Being involv in a multi-stage procurement process Be part of an ongoing relationship with recurring business This makes B2B a relationship-driven environment where product information is important. It is also an environment where purchasing decisions are made deliberately and rationally , and where more than one person is usually involv. B2B purchases often take a long time; weeks, months or longer from the beginning to the end of the process.

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So overall, B2B lead nurturing is a longer process than business-to-consumer (B2C) marketing, and B2B prospects do a lot of research before they want to speak to a salesperson, let alone be ready to buy. These features – a long time from Slovenia WhatsApp Number List marketing to sales, combin with customer research that generates a lot of data that can be analyz – make marketing automation software well suit for the B2B environment. B2C Marketing Automation B2B marketing automation is all about long sales cycles, while B2C marketing automation is all about businesses that target consumers and have potential buyers that convert to purchase in a much shorter time frame.

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As with B2B marketing automation, B2C marketing automation is also important to map the behavior of potential customers and determine messaging strategies for this. The big difference lies in the duration of the campaigns. Consumer DV Leads campaigns should capture customer interest right away and then keep the buying process short, simple and enticing. When a B2C customer moves from marketing to sales, they should ideally have: Familiarity with the brand and product set A compelling impulse to complete the purchase In terms of marketing automation, this means a nurturing process that builds brand awareness, and a fast-pac sales process that requires little to no involvement from a sales team.

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