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Create an accountability system for sales associates and managers One of the biggest pitfalls of pipeline discussions is the lack of accountability – from both sales reps and managers. To ensure that follow-up steps are actually taken, managers should contact sales representatives by telephone or e-mail at the end of the week. Another option is to use a CRM to track progress. This central source of information gives managers insight into sales rep activity, making it easier for them to ask critical questions about leads that are stalling.

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With a CRM, sales reps and managers can easily track the status of leads in the pipeline 8. Don’t look for a scapegoat Many sales managers are under pressure to close deals and increase sales. This can lead to leading questions during the pipeline discussion. If the sales rep hesitates and doesn’t know how to convert a lead into Luxembourg WhatsApp Number List a deal, this can lead to criticism from the manager. The sales rep is blam and frustrat. Looking for a culprit is a waste of your time. Managers should design their pipeline discussion to avoid this: the problem is with the opportunity, not the sales rep. Instead of criticizing salespeople when they don’t meet their quota or don’t give the answer the manager wants to hear, look for a solution that benefits the entire team.

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Managers shouldn’t ask questions like, “How could you do that wrong?” Instead, they should ask something like “How can we make sure we move forward?” 9. Don’t combine one-on-one conversations with pipeline discussions This tip comes from a common misconception (and one of my personal pet peeves): one-on-one DV Leads conversations with the manager are possible during pipeline discussions. Not so. One-on-one and pipeline discussions should be schul separately to prevent the meeting from becoming too long and without a clear goal. My advice is two one-on-one meetings per month and two pipeline discussions per month.

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