Secure access to your online advertising managers

Until now, the consequences of poor access could be annoying but without affecting your cash flow. The situation is different with advertising platforms. Giving certain levels of access to your employees is like giving them your credit card with your PIN code! An incompetent (or even ill-intentioned) user can easily spend money unnecessarily by running an ineffective advertising campaign with too large a budget. This chapter is primarily intended for entrepreneurs whose activities evolve in the fields of B to B activity. LinkedIn is the No. 1 professional network in the world which also has its own online advertising platform. It’s a good idea to invest a few bucks to quickly drive traffic to your website. For example in the case of the promotion of an event for which Content Marketing would not be efficient enough.

Manage your users under LinkedIn Ads

If you are thinking of running campaigns on LinkedIn, start by sharing access to your LinkedIn Ads account with your team and partners by choosing from the 4 available access levels:

Visitor : this user is content to view the ads and their statistics. He cannot  Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number List create anything by himself. Responsible for advertisements . this level of access modifies your ads on LinkedIn Ads: texts, images, links… but without impacting budgets. Campaign Manager . with this level of access, a user can modify everything in your account: ads, budget, bids. Suffice to say that there is a way to mess up if the user is not competent. So be careful! Account manager  : this is a Campaign Manager who can also manage invoices and add and remove other users.

Properly share access to your Google Ads account

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Google Ads, formerly AdWords, is Google’s advertising network. With Ads, you run ad campaigns related to the keywords you are targeting in search engine results. This is why Google Ads is an excellent tool for reaching your personas closer to their search intent.

As with LinkedIn Ads, which we just covered, a malicious or DV Leads  incompetent user can misinvest your budget in your campaigns. Protect yourself by carefully assigning one of the 3 access levels offered by Ads:

Read only . This access accesses statistical reports on account activity. No risk here unless this data is confidential! Standard . This level of access writes ads, chooses keywords, etc. Please remember that the structure of your Ads account is fundamental to optimizing your results and saving money  ! Administrator . The administrator manages announcements, budgets, means of payment, user management. In short, it can do anything!


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