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Who cheat death in the forest and becomes a false prince so that destiny comes his way and orders history, kills his father, defeats the sphinx, marries with his mother, he procreates in her, he becomes four sons-siblings so that he is just impress with the truth that was simply waiting for him, truth that is always there and we do not want to see, because it is scary, because it is better to live in the warm ignorance: in the lie that supports our lives, in not searching because there is an imminent risk of finding. And he search, Oipus sent Creon, his brother-in-law-uncle, to look for the murderer of the former king Laius. She threaten

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Tiresias, a blind soothsayer, demanding the truth and since we are so fragile, such toys of destiny, he could not stand her and blew his eyes out of their sockets, because wisdom is given to you in exchange business lead for something, it does not come for free, It causes a lot of pain. Sophocles did not die wrapp in tragy, he di fill with joy or choking on a Dionysian grape or reciting a verse breathlessly. Today at his grave he is accompani by a mermaid who moves with him in his most tragic verses. Hermann Hesse was one of the first authors who introduc me to the universe of literature.

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There was a time, almost thirty years ago. Not only. When he read it with almost religious devotion. One of his novels, Steppenwolf, reveal to me the transformative power of fiction. I remember being deeply mov DV Leads by reading it: the pronounc individualism of Harry Haller – the central character of that story –, his peculiar lifestyle, in conflict with the mass habits of contemporary culture, the radical ideas he assum about the world and existence, his condemnation of the Western conception, center on material progress and the cult of the machine and money, and his passion for the music of

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