Regularly creating quality content is time-consuming

The PDCA or “Deming Wheel” method is an iterative improvement structure invented by Walter A. Shewhart and popularized by Mr. Deming (source Wikipedia ). She contributed to the success of the Toyota company. The PDCA method is based on 4 iterative steps (which are repeated once the last step is completed). In this step, you determine your goals, your action plan, keeping in mind General Eisenhower’s apocryphal quote: plans are useless, but planning is essential . It’s a safe bet that the context in which you develop your plan will have changed by the time you take action.

Using the Deming Wheel to improve your SEO

But the variants that you thought of during its development may still be usable. These variations are your plan B For this second phase, you create. In the case of content creation, you write new articles.

If your goal is to improve your content, as we will see later, the development  Chile Phone Number List will be different. In this case, it consists of reviewing and improving existing content. What’s great about the Internet is the accessibility of feedback . You change a title, a design, an introduction, you see the effects on your visitors. This control step is imperative if you want to know what works and what doesn’t. There’s nothing worse than doing perfectly what isn’t worth doing, said management guru Peter Drucker.

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