Your Personal Brand your best Social Curriculum


The fourth point of a social media resume is the Personal Brand of a professional . All of the above (network activity, online reputation and networking) are part of a personal brand, the problem is that many times people work on the previous 3 points but do not enhance their personal brand to be recognized and valuable. To work on a personal brand effectively and to add value and differentiation to your resume. You must have an action plan and a strategy. Only in this way will you be able to take advantage of this powerful tool. If you want to see how to make an effective plan for your personal brand.

Your Personal tool

 Social Networks in which you should top people data work on your Social Curriculum According to Infojobs, the majority of companies (84%) consult Facebook profiles in their selection processes. LinkedIn comes in second place, with 79%, followed by Instagram, used by 49% of companies to review social ‘walls’. It seems strange to me that they look at Instagram first than Twitter (which is a more professional network), and Instagram more personal, but knowing this you have to take it into account. From the perspective of a personal brand.

Social Curriculum

I would say that the essential DV Leads networks to work on the social curriculum are: 1. LinkedIn, the most professional If there is a social network in which we should work our social resume, it is LinkedIn . Mainly because it is a professional network , and content is usually published that helps our digital reputation. In addition, this social network allows us to share our resume for free so that anyone can consult it. As well as show our professional experience and skills.

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