Steps to Take Before Targeting Strategy

Length of your script in mind. You can also filter by the number of videos or photos. Use the number of scenes in your script as a guide. Use the color palette filters to focus on templates that fit your brands aesthetic. tiktok-ai-script-generator-tiktok-creative-center-template-library-basic-filters-advanced-filters-in-creative-tools-all-overall-10 As you sort through the options pay attention to the number of text overlays and visual assets the template requires. Although you can always make small adjustments during the editing

Process youll

Time using the template if you choose one that closely aligns with the script you plan to use. Add Visual Assets Once youve selected a template add your own photos or videos from your existing TikTok advertising assets or your device. You can save time business email list by clicking Replace in Bulk and dragging and dropping the creatives into the correct order. tiktok-ai-script-generator-replace-in-bulk-drag-drop-and-rearrange-order-of-images-selected-11 Replace Text Overlays Next replace the boilerplate text overlays with the suggestions

From the script

Note that each text area on the template has its own predefined character limit. You may need to edit the script slightly or break up text overlays to make them work with the DV Leads template. tiktok-ai-script-generator-replace-text-overlays-video-editing-replace-materials-replace-in-bulk-change-preset-fonts-and-color-palettes-12 Although TikTok templates have preset fonts and color palettes you can adjust them to fit better

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