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The effectiveness Chatbot allows you to support customers via Facebook chat, i.e. Messenger. Implementation is very simple here, but it requires you to have a company fan page on the above-mentione social networking site. wp chatbot messenger plugin The main advantage of adding the Messenger plug-in is to increase the trust of the user who will immeiately associate this form of contact. The main disadvantage, however, is the inability to customize the appearance, which forces you to use the standard Facebook style. Live Chat by Formilla Formilla is a perfect solution for smaller websites that want to start using live chat. 

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The free version allows you to have conversations a month via the proprietary Formilla interface. formilla chat plugin For people running WordPress websites with low traffic, Formilla may be one of the better choices, thanks to its simplicity and truly aesthetic appearance, designe according to current standards. Zendesk Chat  Zendesk photo editor Chat was in last place, but this does not mean that it is the worst (last but not least). The plugin previously known as Zopim is one of the few completely free live-chat plugins for WordPress.

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Against brute-force attacks automatic password cracking, combine with a firewall that blocks burglars’ IP addresses. . Infecte resources There are quite a few websites on the internet that distribute paid WordPress plugins and themes for free – or rather assure you that they do. Sometimes it is easy to be tempte by such an offer and click the “Download” button, thinking about receiving the premium DV Leads version of the plugin. Downloading any files from unreliable sources is very dangerous. When it comes to WordPress extensions, the level of danger trumps the scale and takes on a different meaning.

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