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Therefore, With The Power the use of good tools, students who choose to study online. Can have a much more positive and efficient consumer experience. Therefore, Online education is an increasingly sought-after option for those who want to acquire new skills, knowledge and make better use of their time. The experience of those who take online courses must be motivating and bring real results. One of the strategies to achieve this is knowing how to use the tools for. Students available on EAD platforms , such as Hotmart, the digital product distribution. Therefore, platform that offers a series of free and exclusive tools for its clients.


More comfort for studying

However, Hotmart TV is an application that allows. Courses purchased on the Hotmart industry email list platform to be played on smart. However, TV with better image and sound quality. This student tool is available for those who use the Hotmart Video Player . To use it, you must download it from the application store on your Smart TV. It is necessary to log in with the same password and username as those registered on the platform. However, And to make things even easier, Hotmart TV has outreach, Materials ready for content creators to share with their students.


Take your courses with you

The Hotmart App is one of the totally DV Leads free learning applications . In conclusion, Allows you to access all your online courses from  your mobile devices. It is ideal for those who want to learn at any time. Of the day and wherever they are, at your favorite coffee shop, while traveling or at home. The Hotmart App is available for Android and iOS and offers you a series of advantages that include. Access from anywhere: In conclusion, Students can follow their courses online and grow on their learning curve, even if they are not connected to the internet. Mobile Learning: The app is designed to be used on mobile devices. In conclusion, Notifications: Users can receive notifications about new courses and content, making it a great solution to bring more results to a business .

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