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The never ending hunt for an even better alternative – all of this creates chronic stress . This can manifest itself in inner restlessness if you are not on your smartphone and can also lead to sleep disorders or psychosomatic complaints such as sweating. We forget to be present and really enjoy a moment . Instead we search every minute of our everyday. Life to see if a post or at least a nice story can be made out of it. Pic or it didn t happen The ability to concentrate and productivity decrease At some point we can no longer concentrate so well. Between checking the news live blogs the Insta Fe the e mails the WhatsApp’s the likes followers and comments we push our actual tasks in between but we get nothing.

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Because our brain is too busy switching between countless tasks and doesn t even get the chance to delve deeper into a task and get into the flow . ve written here how unfocus and unproductive FOMO and social mia has made me . Overstimulation exhaustion and sleep disturbances As an introvert and highly sensitive person I experienc Cyprus Phone Number List it firsthand the many videos and posts the short stories the constant push notifications there were just too many stimuli . Just five minutes of scrolling through the fe meant so much information for me that I couldn t process it properly. I felt drain and exhaust . Every day. But there is another reason for exhaustion from.

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FOMO Many young people are woken up by their smartphone at night an are consequently overtir during the day. According to a study around 20 of all young people get. Up at night to check the news or social mia. Comparisonitis DV Leads Curat highlights from strangers on the internet make us constantly compare ourselves to others. How we spend our free time. How much revenue do we make Our destinations. Our apartment nothing is good enough compar to the polish social mia versions.

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