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Natural Language Processing is made very customer-specific with Artificial Intelligence. Your own customer-specific data, conditions and terminologies provide a tailor-made NLP model that you can further train with AI into your own use case. 3. What is Natural Language Understanding? Natural Language Understanding (NLU) with artificial intelligence is an important part of NLP. You can talk ‘normally’, and your voice assistant or chatbot understands what you mean. Natural Language Understanding allows computers to understand commands without the official syntax of computer languages ​​and allows computers to ‘talk’ back to people in their own language.

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Through Artificial Intelligence, the system learns to go beyond understanding the words, but also to interpret the meaning. NLU learns to understand the customer’s natural language use, despite human errors such as incorrect Greece WhatsApp Number List pronunciation. Only then can Natural Language Processing provide the correct answer to the question. This gives your customer the feeling that they can have an ‘ordinary’ conversation. The main reason for using NLU is to create chat and voice-enabled bots that can communicate effectively with the public. Well-known companies that of course use NLU are Google’s Assistant, Apple with Siri or Amazon with Alexa. Using speech technologies and Einstein Voice.

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Customer demand and the convenience your organization can have by adding voice technology to Salesforce will be obvious. But how are you going to do this? Salesforce has added Einstein Voice to Einstein, the Artificial Intelligence platform . This makes it easy to meet the wishes of your customers and employees to provide DV Leads speech technology. How does this work? An example: Einstein Voice Assistant makes it very easy to have a conversation about a Salesforce update. For example, instead of entering meeting notes manually, you can pass your notes verbally via the mobile app. This is how you update data in Salesforce with your voice: “Hey Einstein, make a note of this.

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