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Why do we actually suffer from these events and from the news about these events It is distressing to feel powerless. I can go to a demo or donate but ultimately I can only make a very limit difference. Therefore it helps to counter the diffuse threat with something that is happening very real in the here and now You can counteract the feeling of not having control by doing something that you can control well e.g. E.g. cooking something planting new flowers in the garden or doing a yoga session. Do something that requires you to focus and exercise your mind and body at the same time. This distracts you e.g. B. learning dance steps climbing or juggling.

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Your brain is then busy and has no more energy for negative thoughts. Ruce the frequency of the messages. Once a day is enough to stay up to date. A sophisticat and intense strategy is also to expose your senses to strong stimuli ginger and chili cold shower lavender bath. If you are paying attention with all your senses your brain is busy and has no more room for brooding. Write everything from your heart. But not Poland Phone Number List orthographically perfect and stylistically optimiz but expressive. So just write without period and comma. 20 minutes long. That works. A little side comment You can take good care of yourself even if there is a war somewhere else without a guilty conscience. You have responsibility for yourself your work your family.

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This also means that you have to stay healthy to be there for these people. That s not selfish. How do you help entrepreneurs to develop inner strength Developing inner strength is like a beautiful walk on the beach. You walk barefoot DV Leads feel the sand find a shiny shell see the sparkling water. You can look endlessly far. The sun shines warm on your skin. You enjoy the light wind. I help the entrepreneurs to see all the beauty that surrounds them and what makes them special.

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