Neuromarketing Tools: How to Apply Them to Web Design

To start or grow a business, think about what consumers want to see or what you need t do to get their attention. Especially in recent years when e-commerce has grown exponentially as a result of the pandemic, it is essential for any entrepreneur to keep up to date with new market trends. That’s why I asked Luciana Sánchez , a  member of the team,  to introduce you to Neuromarketing  and how you can take advantage of it for the design of your website.

What is Neuromarketing

Neuromarketing is dedicated to the research and prediction, based on neuroscience techniques , of consumer behavior in the face of the application of different marketing techniques , such as advertising or experiences.

The tools used are neurometry, which includes:

  • Studies such as functional magnetic resonance imaging, electroencephalography (EEG) and magnetoencephalography (MEG), and biometrics,
  • Studies of the electrical conductivity Indonesia Phone Number List of the skin, Eye-Tracking and Face Reading.

With these tools, you get real results on topics like:

  • The brain behavior of your visitors when choosing different products,
  • The impact and type of reactions to an advertisement,
  • The type of elements that attract the user’s attention or those that make him stay attentive longer.

It is therefore clear that with these techniques, you will better understand what your target is looking for, identify it and therefore improve its experience .

 neuroscience tools applied to Digital Marketing

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The study of the galvanic skin response measures, through sensors, the electrical conductivity of the skin and the changes that occur when receiving stimuli.

GSR determines the emotional impact and DV Leads arousal of a marketing action on consumers, allowing you to predict their purchasing decision.

Eye Tracking is a study that measures eye movements and defines point maps that indicate where the eye is most visible and the focal points of the eye.

This gives you valuable information about the ability of an applied stimulus to hold the study subject’s attention, as well as eye-search patterns. Thus, you visualize how the consumer interacts with the design of our website.


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