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Digital is the new normal . That’s why we offer you a fully digital platform that allows you to respond to this new reality and communicate in real time. Everyone in your company can use this to contact customers, so marketing, sales, service, e-commerce or anyone else. Thanks to this customer-orient approach, you always have all your customers’ data at your fingertips. Salesforce integrates all your digital sales data and gives you one central source of information. And to top it off, our automation and AI capabilities allow you to deliver personaliz experiences.

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Tailor-made e-commerce services for your business If you want to go for headless sales , you ne a flexible solution. A solution that makes you flexible and innovative without unnecessary risks, costs and extra work. Salesforce offers two flexible options for headless selling . Both options feature scalable ecommerce APIs that separate the services on the back end from the experience on the front end. Bas on your nes and objectives, choose Afghanistan WhatsApp Number List the shop that best suits your headless architecture. And teams that want complete autonomy can build their own shop from scratch on top of our e-commerce APIs using any front-end framework . Some organizations don’t have the time, money and resources to develop and run their own shop. That’s why we also offer the possibility to build a shop for headless sales with our Progressive Web App Kit and Manag Runtime.

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The PWA Kit has components and e-commerce flows with built-in best practices. This allows companies to build a modern web experience that is fully customizable. The Manag Runtime takes care of the hosting, security and scalability of the shop. Your developers therefore do not have to worry about maintenance and have plenty DV Leads of time for innovation. Grow faster with Quick Start Commerce Solutions Some customers are short on time and want to create quick and easy digital shopping experiences that can be us globally and on any channel. We have develop Quick Start Commerce Solutions at Salesforce especially for this. This gives you as a customer a ready-made platform that is completely tailor to your company.

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