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A good moment to reflect on the things we do for our community. Since our inception , making a genuine contribution to society has been an important part of Salesforce – we call it Stakeholder Capitalism . That’s why we give our employees several opportunities to commit themselves to causes they care about. An equal partnership with non-profit organizations is essential We work together in the Netherlands with several non-profit organizations, such as TechGrounds , Refugeeforce and War Child . But every year we also help with the Maas Cleanup to clean up litter around the Maas in Limburg. We will also be committ to this in September this year.

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We can draw a universal lesson from our experience with various projects: an equal partnership between companies and non-profit organizations is essential for success. It is important that the nes of both parties are carefully consider. For example, it is great if there are many enthusiastic volunteers, but are the current projects at Spain WhatsApp Number List a particular non-profit suitable for this? Through open dialogue, the parties ensure that they can jointly create the greatest impact. Give employees the freom to choose The possibilities are endless, as charity takes on different forms for everyone, from volunteering to financial support. There is a good chance that your employees also want to commit themselves to society! As an employer you can help them with this.

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This can be done in many different ways, which may make it seem complex, but I believe that your organization can do it too. As a company you can start small and expand your projects step by step. For inspiration, I like to share examples DV Leads of how we contribute at Salesforce: Financial support – doubling employee donations Salesforce supports organizations in the ucation and development of children and youth. But our employees can also support their own organizations with our help. As an employer, we match our employees’ donations to the goals of their choice.

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