4 Differences between Blogs and Websites You Must Know!

Blogs and websites currently have an important role in digital business. This is because both can be media in conveying information about new insights or information about business.

Maybe you are currently wondering, “What is the difference between a blog and a website?”

Therefore, Sasana Digital will summarize it in this article. However, before knowing what is the difference between the two, let’s see first what is the meaning of a blog and a website.

Understanding Blogs and Websites

Blogs usually have an interface in the form of articles sorted by the newest content or the most popular content that is often read, not the oldest content.

This type of blog website itself appeared when Canadian Email Lists a platform called Blogger was born in 1999 which was later acquired by Google. Currently, there are many platforms for building your own blog, such as Blogger, Wix, WordPress, and others.

Some well-known websites even have many visitors each month that come from blog posts. Based on data from Growth Marketing Pro 2020, some of them are:

  • Huffington Post with a total of 110 million visitors
  • TMZ with a total of 30 million visitors
  • Business Insider with a total of 25 million visitors

Next, we will discuss the term

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“Website” which is already familiar in the internet world.

Website is a collection of web pages that have a variety of multimedia content such as text, images and videos, all of which are in the same domain.

From the understanding above, we can see DV Leads that a blog is a type of website, and a website is a collection of pages on a site.

What is a Website? This is the complete definition and examples!


Next, we will discuss what are the differences between a blog and a website. At least, there are 4 differences between blogs and websites, namely:

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