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Generally personal blogs are used to share personal life, interest in something and related to self-development.

In personal blogs usually tell about personal experiences and can be used as a suggestion for others.

This type of blog has a level of originality and creativity because of course someone’s personal experience will be different.

Parenting a child is a challenge for parents, especially for couples who have just had children.

Therefore, most of the new mothers and fathers regularly look for sources of information through blogs.

Business Blogs

Topics that usually appear on this type of blog include parenting advice, reviews and recommendations for food, clothing or baby toys, child behavior management and others.

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Music is one of the most popular topics for many people. It will be a great opportunity if you have a blog that discusses music.

Topics that are usually written on a music blog include song lyrics, charts, news or reviews about singers, songs and albums.

On business blogs usually discuss several topics such as business trends, market analysis, interviews with traders or business people.

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Business bloggers are also usually used to promote expertise in certain fields, for example digital marketing.

After getting visitors, it will usually be followed by selling e-books or promoting training.

There are more than 8 thousand types of sports in the world today, this can be your start for starting a sports blog.

You can focus on one sport DV Leads or discuss several sports. For example, sports blogs that discuss football and basketball.

Some things that can be written on a sports blog are club history, athlete history, match results recaps and so on.

News is no longer loaded on traditional media such as TV, print media, radio. But penetrated also on independent blogs.

Articles published on news blogs are usually the latest information updates, whether discussing domestic or foreign issues.

There are also many topics that can be discussed on this news-themed blog such as politics, economics, sports, music. Depending on what theme will be loaded on the news blog.

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