Therefore, in this case, if a user seeks to clarify doubts on the internet, the first information found must then explain what that person wants to know. So Quality Scores, in addition to providing a quick assessment of your ad campaigns, also affect the outcome in key areas such as Ad Rank, for example. How Google evaluates the quality of your website When it comes to SEO , it’s Google’s opinion that counts. For this, the quality of a website depends on the context. However, when it comes to websites, there are still some factors that are considered and that make all the difference for the user.

Thus, among these points stand out: speed/performance, which is related to how fast pages load; the website’s compatibility with different platforms, preserving the universal use of the pages on the web; easy navigation, that is, so that the user does not have problems finding what he wants; responsive layout How to avoid quality problems Every website should be concerned with delivering a good experience to the user who accesses it. Thus, there are cases in which the website is the only tool for selling a product or service. So this requires an even greater commitment to the quality of that experience. Therefore, to keep the visitor inside your website for a longer time, it must be well designed and inviting. For this, below, we list some important points that a quality website must have: easy navigation An easy-to-navigate site becomes attractive and makes the user stay longer.

So that, as a consequence, you can make a decision. After all, it is natural that the visitor does not want to waste time looking for what he needs, so he will want something easy. responsive layout A responsive layout makes all the difference in the number of website visits. So, what is a responsive layout? It is a layout adapted to different types of screens. This is because the user accesses the internet from different devices, such as: smartphones, tablets, desktops, notebooks and others. And each one has a different resolution. In addition, a well-designed responsive layout makes it possible to access the site from any of these devices without any problems. See also about What Are Responsive Search Ads . Website designed for the user As already mentioned, the website, in addition to good optimization for search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing, must offer a good experience for the visitor.

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