unique identifiers It has features that explicitly require some sort of unique identifier, but an impactful identity signal can help Google explain the names of things in its data to show up in the right searches. Search for conflicting or redundant data According to Google, a common problem is that several CMS plugins or separately authored JSON-LD blocks generate the same data with different information. This is an issue that can prevent the page from having a visual feature on the SERP. To resolve, always try to check Google Search Console reports, so you can be sure that the pages are in full operation. Conclusion You already understood that the implementation of structured data on websites is essential for good SERP results. With data markup in your site’s HTML, or using markup tools,

Take advantage of the fact that the use of structured data only brings benefits to your website and try to put it into practice. Think that this will increase the click-through rate, it reflects positively on the organic traffic, consequently, it increases the chances of conversion. You may be interested in: Optimizing Online Strategies With Marketing and TechnologyIf your company, product or business has a website, you know how important it is to appear on Google. But you have to understand that one of the ways to maintain a good position is to make good use of the main SEO practices. That way, you avoid quality issues that affect your bottom line. Therefore, know that good positions are what bring your company closer to your target audience.

And that depends a lot on the quality of your page. So, to help you with this goal, specialists already have content that answers questions such as, for example, whether technical SEO problems can be responsible for quality problems. Quality Issues How Google Evaluates Your Site’s Quality How to Improve the Quality of Your Website Thus, if you want to understand more about how Google evaluates your site, or even about quality issues, follow our article. After all, in it we will talk about the main points that involve a good position in search engines. Algorithm Change: How to Stay Relevant on Google How to Build a Strategic Positioning in Your Company How to Attract Customers Over the Internet With Paid Traffic What are quality issues Quality problems are those points that the user considers problematic. After all, search engines aim to provide good results for user searches.

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