A challenge to achieve more than just great sales

This is when A challenge customers come to you and big sales happen. Therefore, This usually happens due to the increase in searches prior to Black Friday. I’ll explain it to you: In other words, November comes with the success checklist that every Producer and Affiliate loves:  Increase sales. Gain more clients.  Learn strategies to use throughout the year. End the year in blue. Whether to earn your first sales and boost your business once and for all, or to sell and reach more people, the answer is only one: For instance, Hotmart’s Black November is here to change your business forever.


United by the same objective

The global phenomenon called Black. Therefore, Friday, also known for heating up the market, brings category email list opportunities for those who own or sell digital products. In conclusion,  In addition, also for people who wait all year, before making a purchase, that discount that they cannot refuse. This is the moment when people look for your product the most and feel willing to buy the transformation it offers. And for those who work in the digital products market, it is the opportunity to close the year with great sales.  However, At Hotmart, large Producers and Affiliates do not even think about passing up the opportunity to participate in Black November. Below I will present the numbers that prove all this expectation:


Win-win Black November

In conclusion, In Hotmart’s Black November you have exclusive challenges and prizes for achieving great results. In other words, Hotmart will DV Leads reward you for selling. Look how amazing!  By activating participation, Producers, Co-Producers and Affiliates receive an individual. Goal and upon reaching the ranks 50%, 100% and 150% they receive prizes! And there’s more. In conclusion, Producers and Co-producers have yet another challenge, the Black November Ranking.

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