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We have seen a strong shift in priorities. In the State of CRM report, only 26% of respondents now say total cost of ownership is an important consideration. 51% cite trust and security and 47% connectivity to work anywhere. This shift is partly due to market conditions (the global pandemic) that have rapidly chang priorities, but also due to the maturity of the CRM market. Safe, flexible and resilient systems offer add value. This shifts the conversation from total cost of ownership to the positive value of opportunities. 2. See how you can become more resilient with your CRM An important conclusion of the research is that an organization’s CRM system is essential for business resilience.

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Most executives (57%) find it difficult to provide a good customer experience (CX) with the shift to working from home, because their CRM system is not well integrat or difficult to access. Employees do not have proper access to the necessary tools to maintain customer engagement at the same level. Employees themselves Jordan WhatsApp Number List often find it difficult to offer a good CX remotely. For example, they report poor accessibility of information (40%), productivity challenges (49%), and effective communication and coordination with colleagues (54%). “ 81% of executives expect their CRM system to move beyond sales and service/support in the next three to five years.

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With a well-integrat, easily accessible (cloud-bas) CRM system, employees in a flexible workplace can find their way better and offer an excellent customer experience. When their employees are more flexible, managers can more easily adapt go-to-market strategies during periods of change or uncertainty. 3. CRM isn’t just DV Leads for sales and service teams Recent research shows that CRM is still mainly us to collect basic account information. But as the second most important use case today, we see sales, service and marketing being approach in a digital way. Moving from CRM as a means of engaging customers to CRM for a consistent customer experience across touchpoints is essential.

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