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That s why I don t even know if launching WITH social mia works. No joking aside I ve always made an Instagram post or two for a clear conscience or even a story so that people on Instagram can see that I m still here but it has never been a serious part of my strategy until now. I plan to try that but so far it s been going very well without it. So the short answer is yes it works. At least for me. What would you advise freelancers to focus on in their marketing strategies I don t think social mia is bad per se. Not at all.

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Now that I have the resources and a small team we re considering getting into the game soon. But only because the basis is solid and the blog engine is running really well. Otherwise I wouldn t even consider it personally. Everyone Latvia Phone Number List thinks social mia is super easy for beginners but I personally think it s quite a difficult mium as a foundation i.e. to start with. In the end it comes down to what is most important to you. And how much time you have every day. I recently wrote a long statement on this with a comparison pasta vs. avocados.

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Would you rather slowly and boringly build a pantry that you can still draw on in a year or two or have to go out every day to get fresh avocados that break after a day or two This is how I see the difference between long term strategies like SEO pasta and more ephemeral stuff like Instagram avocados . I know the comparison isn t perfect DV Leads but it still works quite well. I would always include pasta in any strategy even if the avocado bas company thrives. I said to myself I want to build my business on something that doesn t have to be play with every day. Slowly and steadily. It pays off later I see. If I do become more active on social mia it will also be because I want to network socially.

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